He looked at me. “I love you. Why is it so hard for you to believe that I’m really into you?!” I can sense frustration in his voice. I mustered all the energy I have left that night. I got to tell him. “Because it’s the easiest to say if I’m the only one you…


He took away my bestfriend.. . . . The day I lost him, I also lost my bestfriend…


Setting my standards so high, that even I, can’t reach them…


The struggle of being a deep thinker and a broad-minded person is the fact that you know what really is going on.. Lots of people are wandering in their own fantasy world. Lots of people live with ignorance flowing in them. And there you are.. Miserable. Depressed. Anxious. Empty. Because you see and feel what…


You can overwork. You can overeat. You can oversleep and do everything excessively. You can try all your might to cover the pain.. But the bandage doesn’t heal the wound. It’s time that does the healing.

A Daily Companion

Has anxiety already become so normal to you? You are so used to it that you no longer act differently whenever you’re feeling it. Like you just sit there in silence while it lingers within you. It became a daily companion that devours you from inside-out and you do nothing but just feel it through….

Them B!tches be Judging

If you consider me a bad person just because I always cuss, then you still have a loooooooot of growing up to do. Lots of people get killed each day… Lots of people get raped each day… And you call me bad just because I cuss? You gotta drop that mentality if you wanna survive….

Don’t Let Them In (CreepyPasta Review)

Just came across another tasty pasta. ❤ This is one of those few pastas that will get you hooked from the beginning up to the end of the story. It’s a 13-minute read and currently rated 9.31/10. I love this pasta for the fact that it’s so real and can happen to anybody anytime. You…

They’ll Soon Find Out

“Look at all these young people.. They’re in so much of a hurry to fall in love.” . . “I know.. This sight is hilarious. I can’t help but laugh. They’ll soon find out.” —anastasia061692

Tell Me

We were moralized by the system. The way we behave, our beliefs, every action and every word revolve around the system. We obey the law, because defying it will make us criminals. We follow what they tell us because that’s what we’ve been programmed to do since the day we were born. But what if…

Despise Me

“Why do you go to church?” “Why do you read the Bible?” “Because that’s what I was told to do.” —anastasia061692

Dig Deep

They only teach you what they want you to know. And you will live your whole life believing what you were told. Only when you decide to leave the surface and dig deep, that you will finally grasp real knowledge and education. Ignorance is poisonous..” —anastasia061692

Otaku Therapist on duty

So I just brought my otaku self in an online therapy site. LOL. 😀 This member requested a convo with me last night, just so he can tell me his joke. Yes. Just to tell a joke…… in an online therapy website. Eager to lend ears to those people seeking help, then someone will suddenly…

Obsessed (just another excerpt)

I lived each day with constant anxiety, an over-thinking mind and a broken heart. I shed hundreds, if not thousands of tears. Then that day came… I decided to pick myself up. Start anew. And never let myself drown in misery. I let all the negative emotions go… But what happened next wasn’t something I…

Mamo-chan Fangirling

I just wanna dedicate this post to the love of my life. LOL. The ever so flamboyant, gorgeous, funny, adorable, cuuuuute, sexy, hottie and the list goes on, Mamoru Miyano-chan! This guy is beyoooond perfect (well, for me). From his voice-acting to his singing, up to his cheerful personality. Everything about him is puuurfect. I’m…

Solitude (Entry 041119)

You know that feeling when you have a lot of things in mind.. When you have a lot of stuff to talk about but you have nobody to talk to? It’s true.. No matter how crowded your surroundings are, no matter how many people you spend time with every single day, if your minds don’t…

Obsessed (excerpt)

Once you got used to live with a certain emotion, no matter what it is, you’ll come looking for it when it’s gone. Emotions, both positive and negative, glee and despair, just like drugs and alcohol, are also addictive. –Anastasia0692


I’ve been a huge fan of since the Russian Sleep Experiment. I’m always into creepy stories, mystery, sci-fi and any similar shit. I stay up late reading countless stories in front of my computer. The said site is really awesome for me. And I can say a story entitled “What Happens When The Stars…

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton